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Paul Christiana: Vocals
Stacey Blades: Guitars
Keith Horne: Guitars
Johnny Rude: Drums
Del Cheetah: Bass Guitar

Electric Radio Kings are an exciting new rock band that hails from Las Vegas, Nevada but its branches stretch out farther than that. With deep roots in New Orleans, Los Angeles and Toronto, this amazing new band is ready to take back popular music and bring rock n roll back to the top. At the forefront of the band is the power house sultry voice of Paul Christiana (described as a modern day Jim Morrison and Scott Weiland) and national touring and recording guitarist Stacey Blades. The duo have been working together since 2013, and they have a song writing chemistry that cannot be matched!  In fact Christiana and Blades were the last 2 artists to record with the legendary producer Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Chickenfoot, Godsmack) before his untimely death. Along with Stacey and Paul is L.A. guitarist Keith Horne and former A&M artist Johnny Rude on Drums. Rounding out the lineup is the ultra-cool and Chris Angel Bassist Del Cheetah.

What makes ERK unique and special is that this band prides itself on writing amazing, radio ready, memorable and meaningful songs - which is lacking in today’s pop and rock world.  ERK combines many great mixtures of past and present to combine one incredible infectious sound. With sprinkles of Cheap Trick, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots and Guns N’ Roses, Electric Radio Kings aim to deliver to the masses! Their amazing new EP “Lights Fantastic” is produced by Allister James (James Durbin- American Idol, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp) The band is currently racking up the active rock radio media base charts at #4 with a bullet (dated June 4/18). ERK also recently beat out Foo Fighters on a radio cage match on Z-Rock and got major props from the legend Alice Cooper on his Nationally Syndicated show “Nights with Alice Cooper”






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Stacey Blades Management 323.428.9538